Brilliance in glass since 1923

KROSNO opened their doors during 1923 in southern Poland, following generations of Polish glassblowers who had been perfecting their craft for more than 1000 years.

KROSNO’s founding manifesto was to bring the world glassware that celebrated the best of traditional techniques with designs that are timeless in a modern world. Established on the principles of quality and refined beauty, these values are still at the heart of KROSNO business operations today.

Understandably, over the years, new technology and changing trends have seen the brand evolve and has facilitated the development of new product categories and innovative designs. KROSNO continues to develop both machine and manual production departments, making improvements to their collections wherever possible with the belief that even perfection should be challenged.

KROSNO is distributed exclusively by H.A.G Imports with which it has a long association, and an ongoing commitment to deliver beautiful yet functional glassware to everyday life. As a leading global provider of tableware, glassware and kitchenware H.A.G Imports are proud to be one of the largest wholesalers of KROSNO outside of Poland, and to include a brand synonymous with brilliance within their portfolio.